Swimming with wild dolphins

Experience your dream holiday in the Red Sea, Egypt – Dolphins, sea turtles and stunning coral reefs teeming with marine life!

Swimming with dolphins in their natural environment is a truly unforgettable experience. With Dolphin Swims, you will interact with these
playful and curious mammals in a safe, responsible and ecologically sensitive way. To participate you need to be able to swim and have an average level of fitness to get on and off boats into the water. Life jackets are provided.

We offer our dolphin swimming holidays from our beautiful eco-village resort on Egypt’s stunning Red Sea 3 hours South Of Hurghada (near Marsa Alam):

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Our Eco-Village Resort holiday includes 7 nights accommodation, all meals, 3 day boat trips to the marine park reserve to swim with the wild dolphins and unlimited snorkelling around the pristine coral reef at the resort beach .




We visit protected calm reefs where the dolphins spend the daytime after hunting at night in the open sea.dolphins

We are passionate about responsible tourism and preserving this beautiful area of the Red Sea. We follow strict guidelines so as not to negatively impact the dolphins’ natural behaviour and habitat, and only work with
experienced local guides. Our eco-resort is far away from the mass tourist sites in Egypt and we are committed to developing sustainable tourism in the area.

For more information about our trips, please see our Dolphin Swim Holidays page, and take a look at the different Accommodation options.


If you haven’t swum with dolphins or booked a holiday with us before, you may have a whole range of questions. We have been running dolphin swimming holidays in the Red Sea for over 15 years and can advise you on everything you need to know. Our guests come primarily as snorkllers and are looked after by our snorkelling guides.  If you wish to dive there are many oportunities at this PADI dive training centre.

If you have any general questions, Why not check out our FAQ section to find out more.



“Finding ourselves dreaming of the wonderful holiday we spent at Marsa Shagra in February 2020. Sadly it was cut a little short by the Corvid 19 lock down. However it certainly did not stop us from enjoying a truly unforgettable holiday. We are still dreaming of it and will return as soon as possible to relive our time there. Staying in a cozy little bungalow in walking distance of a delightful restaurant serving the most mouth watering food freshly prepared vegetables a gourmet delight. We had the added bonus of swimming with wild dolphins over a coral reef in warm inviting water. This  certainly was the highlight of our stay —-an unforgettable experience and guided by Khaled an experienced warm hearted man they call the Dolphin Man”.

With love and joy Suzette and Jack


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