A Gift to Save the Planet

In our effort to reduce plastic usage all guests will be receiving a water bottle upon arrival to our villages. Bottles can be refilled at the many new dispensers throughout the village and serve as the perfect reminder of our efforts to preserve the environment.

You’ll probably ask yourself, what does a plastic bottle have to do with ecology? In Egypt a lot! The spectacular coral reefs and fascinating marine life of the Red Sea are one of the main attractions for the 8 million visitors coming to Egypt each year. Drinking water in the Red Sea area is only available in non-returnable plastic bottles
This produces around 2000 bottles a day an unbelievable 720,000 water bottles in one resort!!
If you drive on the coastal road of the Red Sea, you will see the degradation of this beautiful environment! Unfortunately, the detrimental consequences of this practice are that now the desert is choked with plastic garbage.

To date the HEPCA Solid Waste Recycling Facility in Marsa Alam recycles almost 259,000 plastic bottles and parts each month saving enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for 89.9 years (HEPCA 2009).
This is why from October 2010 onwards, we are giving a personal 750ml (0.75ltr) water bottle with sport-lid (cover) to each guest The water bottle can be refilled at anyone of the many water dispenser stations around the villages.

Help us to make this project a success and use this offer to protect the Red Sea!
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