Your Dolphin Swims Holiday 

This all inclusive holiday includes 7 nights at the Eco-Village resort and three day trips to the Marine Park reserve to swim with the wild dolphins.

Prices start from £875 per person Includes 7 nights accommodation, all meals served buffet style, excellent cuisine, free unlimited chilled mineral water, teas, coffee and soft drinks throughout the day and afternoon cake.

During the Eco-Village Resort Holiday we take day trips to swim with the wild dolphins at the Marine Park Reserve. This special area near our Eco-Village is home to a pod of approximately 60 spinner dolphins. We take the day cruise boat out to the Reserve which is a large offshore coral reef teeming with colourful marine life and a wonderful place for snorkelling. We can swim with the dolphins in specific areas, regulated by the Marine Park guidelines. This means the dolphins are protected and the numbers of visitors is restricted.

You will be taken to the dolphins from the cruise boat by a small RIB Zodiac boat. You need to be of average fitness to get in the water from the RIB Zodiac and back in again. We return to the main boat for lunch, where there is plenty of space on the sun decks for relaxing.


Swimming with these dolphins is an amazing and magical experience of joy and delight as they are very playful and interactive with the swimmers. They lead the interactions and we actively discourage guests not to chase or disturb them in any way. They are very curious and we wait for the right mood when they approach us. It helps if you have snorkelled before, or practice before you go to feel confident in the water with a mask, snorkel and fins. You also need to be of average fitness levels.

Our local guide free dives with them and they love his underwater acrobatics! You can watch from the surface as they swim alongside you or play with them by swimming with dolphins underwater. This area of Egypt  is far away from mass tourist resorts and our ethos is not to negatively impact the dolphins’ natural behaviour or habitat. We follow strict guidelines that respect the dolphins. We want to preserve this area of the Red sea and work with our business partners to develop a more sustainable, responsible tourism in Egypt. All swimming with dolphins interactions are on the dolphin’s  terms. We let them approach us and do not disturb them when they are resting. They hunt outside in the open ocean at night and return to the protected calm waters of the reef by day to rest, play and socialise.

We use only environmentally responsible operators in Egypt and The Red Sea and offer our guests expert guidance in developing confidence and safety in the sea.

red sea dolphins

You can also snorkel around the beautiful Red Sea coral reefs with the brightly coloured fish before returning to the boat to relax on the decks, take a siesta, sunbathe and enjoy the freshly prepared food from the on board chef. When not on the boat, there are many extra activities to enjoy such as desert camel rides, souvenir shopping and visiting the ancient monuments of Egypt such as Luxor and Karnak. Click here for more information. Our resort is also an established dive centre (PADI). During your stay you can book dives to the many world-class dive sites in the area or why not do an Introduction to Diving Course (2 days) with our expert instructors?


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