‘Dolphinswims’, formerly ‘Wild and Free’ has been operating in The Red Sea, Egypt for the last 15 years.

It is a great privilege to offer ” dolphinswims ” in the Southern Red Sea, Egypt,  with the trusted and attentive service of our Egyptian business partner Khaled Said who has been with the company since it began and has a high level of experience and expertise. He and his team are available to make your holiday flow smoothly. We are also grateful for the service of our resort partners and the assistance of their staff in both housekeeping, the restaurant and on the water.

We have a deep passion for wild dolphins, marine conservation and dedicated service to the guests in this very special location.

We think the dolphins, the conditions and the wonderful climate are the perfect place for dolphin swim experiences, we invite you to join us!

Amanda Stafford is the founder of The Dolphin Connection Azores which is an established company specialising in swimming with dolphins and whale watching in the Azores and worldwide.www.dolphinconnectionexperience.com

In 2009 the company re-launched “Dolphinswims” from the late Ruth Corner a trusted colleague.
Amanda has spent many years exploring her fascination with dolphins and the marine environment and has worked in the field of cetacean research and inter-species communication. As an entrepreneur it was an obvious connection to combine this passion for dolphins with offering holidays that enrich people’s lives and inspire more awarenes of marine conservation.

Amanda brings to the Dolphin Connection an infectious enthusiasm and passion about dolphins and the ways being in their presence can inspire and empower changes in how we live our heartfelt values.

“My many years research swimming and interacting with wild dolphins has given me a deep connection with the natural world which is very meaningful. There also seems to be more fun, love, abundance and freedom in life!

I love hearing the excitement from our guests who want to meet dolphins and whales in the wild, it is such a privilege to make their dreams come true and share their joy ”
She has worked in the field of cetacean research and inter-species communication. She works as a mentor to young people inspiring confidence to find their real work and gain experience to make that happen.

She is also involved with “Whalefest” which is held annually on the south coast of the UK and is an event dedicated to “everything  whale and dolphin” see www.planetwhale.com/whalefest


Khaled Said acts as the our representative “on the ground” in Egypt and will be responsible for the transfers and getting you there safely, introducing you to the key people and generally making you feel most welcome on arrival. Khaled has worked with dolphinswims since the beginning with the founder Ruth Corner. He has been described by guests as the “Jewel in the crown” of Dolphinswims. He greets you with such a happy and helpful demeanour and with his team,  nothing is too much trouble. We call him the dolphin man as he seems to have a special radar/ antennae to find/ track the dolphins ( or they find him! ) He has spent so much time with wild dolphins, he always knows when they are nearby!  We think he is part dolphin! Watch him free diving with them when he can!

One of our guests wrote

Khaled was fantastic. He’s so intuitive and
knowledgable, I had complete trust that he would do everything to ensure I got
the most from my holiday. He located a large group of dolphins and we spent over an hour with them! so beautiful! I was looked after so well and will definitely recommend the holiday to everyone I know!!

We also have our own boat safari team who will host groups on the live-aboard safari boat.





Malcolm Barradell

Malcolm has a deep passion for cetaceans and preserving their natural habitat. He pursues any available oportunity to spend time with wild dolphins and whales and has been involved with dolphinswims in Egypt since 2009. He was an integral part of the re  – launch of the company and as an advisor he contributed alot to it’s recent growth and success.

Malcolm is studied Marine Biology at the University of Glamorgan where he is exploring cetacean research. He is now employed by a tidal energy company to study the population of harbour porpoises in the Ramsay Sound in Pembrokeshire and the impact of new tidal wave energy generation on them. He contributes expert knowledge and a deep passion for the marine life and is an excellent photographer

He also worked with us in the Azores for 4 years as a guide and life guard, and worked a long season as second skipper for our whale watch company.

Sarah Jackson is Amanda’s assistant and has worked with whales and dolphins in New Zealand, where she was a Naturalist for WhaleWatch Kaikoura. She is very passionate about marine conservation and ensuring all our guests understand how much of a privilege it is to see these incredible mammals in the wild. Her first experience swimming with dolphins was while out kayaking when a pod of dusky dolphins came over to play!

Robin Dally has designed our website and looks after the online success of the site through ethical SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). He is working to increase our presence in various conservation initiatives by forming new links and partnerships. He has a real skill in ethical link building which has led to new opportunities for us both in conservation initiatives and business cooperation. He and his wife live in the countryside near Brighton, England.