New Species of Dolphin in Red Sea

Humpback dolphins have been recorded living in the Red Sea for the first time this year. These dolphins are normally only resident around the Eastern coast of Africa, however no one seems to have told the dolphins they are not supposed to be in the Red Sea. This pod of dolphins have been living around Hurghada and El Gounda in the North of the Red Sea since March and can be easily identified as different due to their dorsal fins, smaller size and darker colour. Tessa at “Dolphinswims”   ( Aquastars)    reports that although they have been seen a few times on here hotel’s house reef and many times from her boat as she travels between reefs she has not yet had a chance to swim or dive with them to discover their personalities but they certainly seem to have made their home in the area and judging from her observations regarding a shrinkage in the size of the local mackerel population she can guess what they like to eat!
They have not been seen interacting with the local Bottle nosed dolphins but since they are living in close proximity to each other I am sure they are aware of each others presence. Tessa is looking forward to more chances to study these fascinating visitors. The Dolphin Conservation Society have been advised of the sightings and they confirmed they have no record of Humpbacks being seen in the Red Sea before and will be kept up to date with photos and videos to identify the individuals.