Dolphin Dog 2014!

New Location for Hurghada Dolphins


A Gift to Save the Planet

In our effort to reduce plastic usage all guests will be receiving a water bottle upon arrival to our villages. Bottles can be refilled at the many new dispensers throughout the village and serve as the perfect reminder of our efforts to preserve the environment.
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Reduce Plastic waste at our resort

In Egypt it is horrifying to see the build up of plastic on beaches and in the desert. We have started a campaign called TAT ( Tourists against Trash) where we ask our guests to fill a brown paper bag with waste plastic they find.
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Dolphins released from captivity!

After a lot of protest in Turkey to campaign for the release of 2 dolphins, Misha and Tom who were found in a small tank and very bad conditions, they have finally been released to the open sea! This has gained a lot of media attention, see the Born Free campaign and read more about the story.